Video hosts, journals με θέματα υγείας, ιατρικής, επιστήμης II

Site που φιλοξενούν πολυμεσικό υλικό επιστημονικού ενδιαφέροντος, μέρος δεύτερο:

DNATube: DnaTube is a scientific site providing video based studies, lecturers and seminars. One of the best features of the, is that it supports other types of scientific works through flash animations, powerpoints, in addition to videos.

Bioscreencast: is a free online video tutorial library for biotools. It is a community website to upload and share screencasts. Our goal is to build a community of life science researchers and provide a platform to share knowledge on usage of science tools.

Medi-Vision: The Medi-Vision™ Film Series aims to teach good clinical practice through expert case demonstrations on film; second to patient-side experience, we think this is the best way to become a better doctor. We keep the focus of our DVDs on observation, interaction and assessment skills and especially on history-taking, physical signs and the appropriate use of tests. main purpose of the project Videolectures.Net is to provide free and open access of a high quality video lectures presented by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science. The portal is aimed at promoting science, exchanging ideas and fostering knowledge sharing by providing high quality didactic contents not only to a scientific community but also to a general public. All lectures, accompanying documents, information and links are systematically selected and classified through the editorial process taking into account also users’ comments.

AskDrWiki: Dr Wiki is a nonprofit educational web site made by physicians for physicians, medical students, and healthcare providers. Its purpose is to serve as a online repository of medical information that can be accessed by anyone.

Meddio: Meddio offers engaging and informative multi-media programs from top medical experts on the key medical topics affecting all of us. Through rich, engaging, multi-media programs top medical experts share their knowledge and perspectives on key topics affecting many of us. You can view interviews with medical professionals, learn from conversations between doctors and their patients, and virtually sit in on professional presentations at leading institutions as if you had been in the room.

ScienCentral: Welcome to ScienCentral, your independent source for science videos and the latest technology and science news. Our stories and science videos appear on your local TV newscasts, but you can view them here, too – along with in-depth information to help you dig deeper.

eMedTV: eMedTV offers over 100 health channels, each serving as a portal to an extensive library of medical information. Our articles explore subjects ranging from symptoms and diseases to tests and procedures to drugs and supplements. Each topic contains a series of articles carefully designed to answer your questions and provide detailed health information.

Free Science Videos and Lectures: Αll the best free science videos, education video lectures and audio lectures! Mathematics, maths, physics, computer science, biology, etc, etc.

VideoJug – Life Explained. On Film.: The video content on the site takes a variety of formats that include informative “How To” and “Ask The Expert” films that guide you, step-by-step, through everything and anything in life. The “How To” format delivers easy-to-follow, bite-size tutorials on a wide range of topics from cleaning tips and sport, to relationship advice and recipes(education, health, technology channels).

WeShow: Welcome to the world’s biggest online video contest! Now you can choose your favorite videos among more than 200 channels. Our worldwide video selection is made from the best content of YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, MySpace and many other websites( education, science, medicine & well-being channels ).


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